Technical Art

Lucy Eye Rig

developed the eye rig for the character Lucy in the film Delivery. The eyes are a 2D texture attached to flat planes to give a cartoony look, so I set up a rig where the eyes follow the camera so that the animated texture is visible, and also created controllers to offer additional positioning capabilities.

Software: Maya


An example render of how the eyes look in a render when posed.


Chain Rig

Chain modeled and rigged by me for the upcoming short film, Delivery. The chain is rigged for both keyframing poses by animators and using dynamics simulations, with controls to change the influence of the dynamics system, as well as point locking one or both ends of the chain for dynamics simulation. Because the chain needed to be over 20 feet long, it has 3 joint chains with over 100 joints each, so I used Python scripts to expedite the rigging process.

NOTE: Unreleased material, please do not share. Posted with permission from faculty advisor.

Software: Maya

I wrote documentation on the rigging process of the chain, which can be found here:


And the scripts I used in making the chain can be found here: 

Character Rig

Demo of a character rig which includes body and facial blendshape controls. 

NOTE: Viktor Model provided courtesy of UCF School of Visual arts and Design Character Animation Program.

Software: Maya

Lucy Eye Setup Script

Because Lucy's eyes are rigged to be planes that face the camera using aim constraints and locators, for every sequence file the film is rendered from, locators would need to be positioned at every camera and parented in, the groups containing the Lucy eye controllers would need to be aim constrained to each of these new locators, and the weight of the aim constraints would need to be keyed so that the eyes face the proper camera during the proper frame range. 


To avoid wasting time setting things up manually as we approach rendering deadlines, I wrote a Python script to be run in each file that uses the Maya Camera Sequencer data to gather the shot list and cameras used to create the locators and aim constraints, and then take the start and end frame and camera data from each shot in the sequencer to change the aim constraint weights and keyframe it at the start and end of each shot.

Software: Maya

The scripts I used in setting up the system can be found here:


Light-Linking Plugin

Custom light-linking plugin for Maya created using python and the Maya API. Creates a menu with buttons that execute functions to help more intuitively and quickly light-link objects in a scene. It also includes the default Maya Light-Linking Editor embedded in the menu.

Software: Maya

The scripts I used in making the plugin can be found here:

Lucy Procedural Texture

I created the animated body texture for Lucy by combining the hand-painted texture done by Alina Morales and Viki Luong with a procedurally-created​ animated texture using RenderMan's aaoceanPrmanShader node as well as fractals, and then used ramps for setting the colors as well as the masking to merge the procedural texture with the hand-painted maps.

Software: Maya, Pixar RenderMan