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Technical Art

Project Management Tool

Designed to manage artists' projects, this tool allows artists to create new project directories, create, delete, and rename folders, create, delete, and rename assets, as well as open assets in the correct software version. The configurations are stored in easily updatable XML files.

Software: Python, PyQT

Tarzan Facial Rig

Joint-based facial rig, Tarzan facial model from Judd Simantov.

Software: Maya

Vine Generator

A Vine generator that can be straight or curve-based, with controls for vine width and leaf scale/orientation along the vine, as well as controls for the poly count along the length of the vine as well as around the circumference.

Software: Houdini, Houdini Engine for Unreal

Chain Rig

Chain modeled and rigged by me for the short film Delivery. The chain is rigged for both keyframing poses by animators and using dynamics simulations, with controls to change the influence of the dynamics system and point locking one or both ends of the chain for dynamics simulation. Because the chain needed to be over 20 feet long, it has 3 joint chains with over 100 joints each, so I used Python scripts to expedite the rigging process.

Software: Maya

Light-Linking Plugin

Custom light-linking plugin for Maya created using Python and the Maya API. Creates a menu with buttons that execute functions to help more intuitively and quickly light-link objects in a scene. It also includes the default Maya Light-Linking Editor embedded in the menu.

Software: Maya, Python (Maya API)

Lucy Procedural Texture

I created the animated body texture for Lucy by combining the hand-painted texture done by Alina Morales and Viki Luong with a procedurally-created​ animated texture using RenderMan's aaoceanPrmanShader node as well as fractals, and then used ramps for setting the colors as well as the masking to merge the procedural texture with the hand-painted maps.

Software: Maya, Pixar RenderMan

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