Voodoo Shaman

Voodoo Shaman character. Modeled/sculpted in Maya and Zbrush, then baked normal map from high poly model onto the low poly model. Concept design by Yasen Stoilov.

Software: Maya, Zbrush

Lucy Model

The character featured in the short film, Delivery. Character design by Alina Morales, texture by Alina Morales and Viki Luong. I completely modeled the character and the facial blendshapes, as well as laid out the UVs.

Software: Maya


The house featured in the short film, Delivery. House texture by Daniela Diaz-Rivera and rocking chair texture by Jackie Liccardi. I completely modeled the objects and laid out the UVs.

Software: Maya

Medieval Well

Old medieval well, modeled and UV'd in Maya and textured in Substance Painter.

Software: Maya, Substance Painter

Rubik's Cube

Over the course of production, the Delivery team became obsessed with learning to solve the Rubik's Cube (including me), so I modeled one to put into the film as an easter egg! Texture by Jackie Liccardi.

Software: Maya